Big cat fight on Maui

There’s a hot cat fight going on here on Maui. But ours is just the local edition of a cat fight that is making fur fly all across the country. You may have been following the controversy about the Maui Humane Society, its departing executive director and the strident campaign of cat (but not bird) […]

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Seedy maybe, but not dark

Reporters who show no interest in the millions of ordinary working people who patronize the nation’s 13,000 pawnshops are endlessly fascinated by the small number of threadbare millionaires who — when down to their last Patek Philippe — do the same. Few show much evidence of ever having visited a pawn shop themselves. Take, for […]

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New but old pawn shop guitar treasures

OK, we love this essay  by Jol Dantzig at, but nowhere does he tell what the prices of these “pawn  shop treasures” have gotten  to. Just that they are up. Music to our ears. The headline is: Esoterica Electrica: Pawnshop Plywood Chic Comes of Age It’s all about the collectibility — and even musical […]

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The risk the pawnbroker takes

All lenders take a risk,  but pawnbrokers live with an unquantifiable risk that most other lenders do not have to worry about: the possibility that gold will crash. We have written often about how our Maui pawn shop is at the mercy of the world gold market on the Kamaaina Loan blog. Today, the lesson […]

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Presidential diamonds

At Kamaaina Loan, we like to say we never know what will come over the counter next. But we have never had a First Lady’s diamond tiara yet. The famous Rick Harrison at Gold and Silver Pawn has beaten us to it. The TV pawn superstar obtained a diamond tiara once worn by the wife of […]

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Gold: S.O.S.

There’s a reader forum at the website where followers can discuss Kamaaina Loan’s second favorite subject, the price of gold. (The favorite is our customers.) Even Kitco describes the recent behavior of the world gold price as “carnage.” The New York market is about to close as this is written, and it looks as […]

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Nyah, nyah, Vladimir Putin

We guess the world — at least the part of it that buys gold — is not afraid that Russia will invade the rest of Ukraine. Gold dropped under $1300 an ounce and has stayed there for two whole days. This suggests that the blip up in the past couple of weeks was due (in […]

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Like a deer in the headlights

Iraq has purchased 1.1 million — yes, MILLION — ounces of gold, according to Kitco. Analysts speculate that this quiet buying helped support the world gold price recently. Shucks, we thought it was because the world was afraid Vladimir Putin was starting World War III. In any event, if Putin spooked the market, that’s over. […]

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